Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Project

For my final project, I studied the work of Bruce Nauman. He is a post-minimalist artist who works mainly with neon light. Language and words are an important aspect of his art. He challenges he viewers to interrupt the meaning of his work.  When deciding what to do for my final project, I decided to focus on language and the use of colors. One piece that really interested me was Nauman's piece 100 Live and Die. I decided to recreate this piece, by repeating a quote. I also then created a piece that just emphasize the quote I chose.

Visual Analysis
1. Focal Point/Eye path: The focal point is the large quote "Little by little" on the black piece of paper, then your eye travels down to the next picture with "little by little" painted in 3 columns. Your eye travels down each column and up the next.
2. Implied Line: The implied line is formed by the 3 columns in the second painting.
3. Actual and Implied texture: I tried to use glossy paint to give the painting the implied look of glass.  I also tried to make the black and white painting look like the white was illuminating off light.
4. Color Schemes:Both paints contain an monochromatic color scheme. One contains, different shades of black and white, and the other is different shades of red.
5. Format: painting
6. Composition: The first piece has a center focal point, where the second is split into rule of thirds vertically. It is made of paint and string to attach the 2.
7. Scale: Bristol pad paper
8. Connotative, Denotative, and Ideological Meaning: The denotative meaning of this picture is repetition and the interruption of little by little by the viewer. The connotative meaning and ideological meaning is supposed to be over whelming and create a eerie feeling to the viewer. It is intended for the viewer to question the meaning of little by little.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this class was very interesting. This class helped me learn how to interrupt artwork and determine the meaning of the work. It also made me realize everyone has a different perspective about art and sees things differently. One person may notice something or focus on something someone else does. I enjoyed learning some of the basic kinds of art. I also enjoy working with photoshop, although I was not very good at it.

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